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Moving hearts and minds – the PF video page

Today's culture places great emphasis upon the visual – still and moving.

On this page you will find the pick of our video selections.

Some have been produced by the Packaging Federation – some by friends and colleagues.

Enjoy, recommend and please don't hesitate to recommend video material and links back to us.

Our Fresher For Longer schools campaign winner! (long version)

Our Fresher For Longer schools campaign winner! (short version)

Take a Fresh Look! – at the savings possible

Our FFL video raises cost-saving awareness.

Fresher for Longer – LIVE on the High Street

FFL embraces retailers, consumers and local authorities.

Best Before Date

Our FFL campaign speaks to younger viewers.

The Good The Bad and The Spudly

Getting more out of food - with packaging Watch the video

The Shopper's Nightmare

A humorous take on a world without packaging… Courtesy of Tetrapak.
Download the video (File size 35MB)

A different kind of delicatessen

And none too practical… Courtesy of Elipso.
Download the video (File size 9.5MB)

Chaos in the world of toiletries

Impossible really!… Courtesy Elipso
Download the video (File size 6MB)

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